When Shruti announced the Folk Art theme for the Artry Crafsty June Challenge, I remembered the 3 wooden blocks we had picked up at a fair sometime last year.

Over the weekend I realized that I was running out of time and that we still had not done any artwork using the blocks.I mentioned this in passing to PP and we quickly came up with a story that could be conveyed with the limited 3 three blocks that we had.

We planned to present the story in three very neat steps. But BB enjoyed putting down block prints of the trees and continued to stamp the block randomly all over the page.Since he was having fun, we continued to let him  and then we ended up with a jungle.And we certainly love our jungles. 🙂

So we built in the story into our little boy’s jungle.

And so we present to you the story of the peacock who danced in the spray from the elephants trunks. 🙂