If they were given a choice, my little son and the husband would live only on fruits.

Right from the time I introduced solids to the little son, bananas has been one of his favourite foods. There was a time when he used to gobble up so many bananas that I started calling him ‘Baby Banana’. Eventually over time the humble banana descended from the  ‘Baby’s Most Favourite fruit’ position and handed over the title to the more classy grapes. But it still remains in the top five favourite foods  list.

Baby Banana or BB( as he has already been introduced now) is out-and-out a Papa’s boy. If his Papa is  at home, you will see the little fellow shadowing him around calling out ‘Papa, Papa’ at regular intervals to catch his attention.So when he heard a fruit vendor yelling ‘Papaaaaay, Papaaaaaay’ in typical Indian vendor fashion, he was very amused with this  slightly elongated version of his most favourite word and decided to call his pater  ‘Papaaay, Papaaay’  for the next couple of days. And that’s how the spouse got the fruity name ‘Papa Papaya ‘.

To complete the fruity family, the spouse gave me a choice of the titles ‘Amma Apple’ or ‘Amma Amla’ ( the son loves the sour amla!).

But I not so politely declined the boring apple and  really sour Amla and instead opted for the succulent , juicy and the sweet King of fruits – the perfect Mango 😀

So I can either be called  ‘Amma Aam’ or ‘Mama Mango’.


7 Responses to “So whats with the funny fruity blog names?”

  1. ajay Says:

    This is so sweet and joyful and full of life. A truly fruity family 🙂 Best wishes.

  2. starsinmeyes Says:

    We should hang out! Daughter is a fruit junkie. Son needs long stories about how Hanuman ate fruits to even accept a couple of bites 🙂

    I like Mama Mango 😀

    1. Good to know that BB has company in his love affair with fruits
      Doesn’t his sister eating fruits inspire Dhruv to eat fruits? Though Hanuman does seem like a better inspiration for a little boy:)
      Yes Mama Mango is a delicious name isn’t it?

  3. that is so cute mama mango!

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