that I feel a twinge of sadness when I am attending a wedding and feel a rush of joy when I see a pregnant woman?


Dear BB,

Happy third Birthday!

This year has been a very eventful year for you and so for us also.

  • You started school in January and have now settled in wonderfully.You also started commuting in the school van.
  • In October I took, I tool my first overnight trip without you( a big milestone for me more than for you as you are not very particular that Amma is around all the time). I then took my first official 15 days trip in February and we both managed fine ūüôā
  • And more recently, you become a big brother to Chacha and Chachi’s little baby girl.And a sweetheart that you are, you have already offered to share your toys with her when they visit us in November.
  • Papa continued involving you in all his tree planting activities and for a three year old, your knowledge of ¬†trees, plants and flowers is quite¬†phenomenal.
  • Bob the Builder characters continues to feature very highly in your list of favourite characters, but this year has seen¬†Lightning¬†McQueen and Tow Mater climb up to the top of the list. So much so that your birthday cake this year had Mater on the top on special request from you.You amaze us by quoting your favourite dialogues from the movie( with all the correct accents) and by recounting all your favourite scenes too. I only wish that you put your wonderful memory to much better use later on in life ūüôā
  • For somebody who loved Maths all her life, I have been very disappointed that you show no inclination whatsoever towards numbers.Quite unfortunately you have taken after your Maths phobic father. You know your basic numbers, but any attempt to get you to to do anything more and I see you play your distracting game quite well. Have to also commend you on your acting skills that I get to see when I mention numbers ūüôā
  • This year you have actually shown an interest in all the books that have been piling up on your bookshelf over the past couple of years. Every night you insist on reading a couple of books before settling down for the night. Keeping my fingers crossed that this happy state of affairs continues.

This year, the celebrations went on for 3 whole days. Since your birthday was on a Sunday, we started the celebrations by distributing sweets in your school on Friday.(Friday also happened to be Guru Poornima and you were born on Guru Poornima day 3 years back). We then had a little party for family on Saturday and then continued the celebrations on Sunday with a quiet relaxed day with both sets of grandparents.

The Mater cake

BB with his Cars gift loot

The last three years have been the best years of my life  and I have only you to thank for this.

Happy third Birthday my sweet darling son.

Loads and loads of love,

Mama Mango

It is way past BB’s bedtime.¬†PP is busy painting and BB is busy admiring his father’s work.

I clear the bed of all the toy cars( BB is currently obsessed with his cars) and neatly park them on the bedside table and the window sill.

I call out to the BB and ask him to quit his admiring and get into bed. No response from the son.

I then ask PP to stop his work as that was the only way to get BB to move and get into bed. No response from the hubby.

I give them a couple of minutes to wind up and in the meantime I clear up some clothes lying around.Then I sit down on the bed and remind them again that it was way past BB’s bedtime.

BB quietly picks up a couple of his toy cars from another table , walks up to me,requests me to go and park the cars with the rest of his cars and then goes back to admiring his father’s work

PP starts laughing as I look shocked.

My little son has already figured that the perfect way to keep a woman quiet is to keep her busy. ¬† ūüėĮ

The brother-in-law’s wife gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl on Wednesday.

And so my little baby became a big brother to the little darling.

The brother-in-law and his wife both are in the army and so they are stationed all over the country. They are currently stationed in Meerut. So we are yet to see the little darling.

Since BB is the first grandchild on PP’s side of the family, he is used to a lot of attention and pampering from his chacha and chachi when they visit us twice a year.We have been telling him about his little sister and hope that we¬†don’t¬†have to deal with any sibling rivalry when the visit us later on.

BTW guess who the little girl shares her birthday with? With her¬†¬†ŗ§§ŗ§ĺŗ§ą (tai)! ¬†(that’s me, in case you didn’t get the relationship :))

Years age I was not very happy when I realized that I share my birthday with George Bush.

Then about 2 years back , I realized that I also share my birthday with the Dalai Lama.

Quite a bag of contradictions. One man who went around declaring wars during his tenure as the US President as a solution for all the problems in his country. And another man who has been trying to achieve the liberation of his country through peaceful means for  more than 50 years.

And now I also share my birthday with the little darling of the family.

On my birthday, we were not in the mood for an elaborate dinner.So we went to this teafe called Chaipatty instead and had hot kulhad chai, steamed veg momos and noodles. BB totally enjoyed running around and playing with the random knick-knacks placed around the teafe.

I started doing this tag about 2 weeks back ¬†and¬†didn’t¬†publish it. Saw this in the Draft’s today and thought I might as well finish it and publish it. Am probably the last mama in the blogosphere to be doing this.

So as the rules go,I need to put up the badge, write out five lessons that Mommyhood taught me . And tag five mommybloggers.(no point coz I cant think of anybody who has not done this)

  1. Reality check-I had BB after almost 4.5 years of marriage and constant arguments with the hubby. I wanted a kid and he¬†didn’t.Finally PP gave in and my¬†pregnancy¬†days were the best days of my life. After BB was born,I went into a frenzy trying hard to become a perfect mom. I had this misguided perception of myself as the perfect mom who has oodles of patience , love and strength. I guess I had built up this image in my head over the years of yearning for a baby.Motherhood was a reality check for me.As I struggled to cope with the actual realities of having a baby,I lost my patience at various stages. I realized that giving birth to a baby does not automatically turn on a tap which will cause the patience,strength and wisdom to flow when needed. I realized over time that I am no prefect mom.I also learnt that it is Ok to not be a prefect mom.
  2. Letting go of my inhibitions-Before BB was born, I don’t ever remembering singing as I went about my work at home.I don’t think the in-laws even knew that I love dancing . But having a child changed all that.Entertaining a little kid(more so as we hardly let BB watch any TV) also requires some amount of skill.So as the son grew, I slowly let go of my inhibitions.Making funny faces to hear the joyful peals of laughter from the 8 month old son, singing lullabies to get him to sleep, mimicking a lion, dog, sheep,donkey train, plane…. as we introduced him to these new things,singing to calm down the cranky toddler,dancing together on a relaxed Saturday morning to the our favourite party number has changed me as a person. Today I sing as I go about my work, am willing to play cricket and football(albeit clumsily) in the playground with my son and break into a jig without a second thought when I hear the Waka Waka song on TV.
  3. Living in the moment РBe it dealing with a tantrum,smiling proudly as I hear my little son sing Jana Gana Mana,watching him in frustration as he happily spreads out the neatly folder laundry or watching him unhappily as the little fellow cries his heart out on his second day alone in the school van,  I know that this is just  passing moment. The next moment will bring its own share of joys, hair tearing frustration,anger or heartbreak. And I have learnt to deal with each moment and move on.
  4. Learning to appreciate the hubby¬†– For someone who¬†didn’t¬†want a baby, PP is the most adorable and loving father. From a father who refused to pick up and hold his son on the first day to someone who can take care of all of BB’s needs (including the usually mom specific task of bum wash),PP has come a long way.BB shares a special relationship with his father. We do have our little moments of family bonding and mother-son bonding.But all of BB’s waking hours are spent shadowing his father around the house. And I know that this special relationship has grown largely due to PP’s immense patience while dealing with the little one.
  5. Letting go – From being a mother of a 5 month old who cried and cried if he¬†didn’t¬†see me for more than 15 minutes to being the mother of a 2.5 year old who didn’t cry even once and ask for me when I was away in Germany for 2 weeks, I have learnt to deal with letting go.Learnt to accept that even though my life revolves largely around my son’s life, his life does not necessarily revolve around mine.

When Shruti announced the Folk Art theme for the Artry Crafsty June Challenge, I remembered the 3 wooden blocks we had picked up at a fair sometime last year.

Over the weekend I realized that I was running out of time and that we still had not done any artwork using the blocks.I mentioned this in passing to PP and we quickly came up with a story that could be conveyed with the limited 3 three blocks that we had.

We planned to present the story in three very neat steps. But BB enjoyed putting down block prints of the trees and continued to stamp the block¬†randomly¬†all over the page.Since he was having fun, we continued to let him ¬†and then we ended up with a jungle.And we certainly love our jungles. ūüôā

So we built in the story into our little boy’s jungle.

And so we present to you the story of the peacock who danced in the spray from the elephants trunks. ūüôā

When PP sent out a mail to some of our very close friends announcing the release of his book, we got a reply from a very very good friend U who commented that she liked PP’s reason for writing the book¬†. She also mischievously asked if dancing around treeswith ¬†his girlfriend(currently his wife and yours sincerely) ¬†was another good reason for planting trees. We both laughed at this comment and let is pass.

But the thought stayed on in my head and I chuckled as I imagined both of us romancing, running and dancing around trees in true Bollywood ishtyle .Got to say that this is old bollywood ishtyle. Nowadays Bollywood heroes and heroines are too busy doing item numbers or romancing in phirang locales or on beaches.But I digress. Lets go back to the image in my head of the romancing  under the canopy of huge flowering trees with the tree gently showering us with flowers as we dance around it .But knowing my tree crazy hubby too well, my imagination also decided to get real and practical.The cozy,romantic picture soon blurred to be replaced by a image of the hubby abruptly letting go of my hand and running and hugging a tree instead like his life depended on it.

Being married to a tree hugger for 7.5 years has warped even my sense of imagination.