These days we need to be extra cautious about what we say, sing or how we express ourselves in front of BB.

He quickly latches on to any interesting phrase or expression, quietly records it for later references and it soon shows up in his conversations.

Sometimes he manages to use the phrase  in the right context, but there are times when he seems to be using it to just show off his improved vocabulary.

1)PP and BB are busy repairing one of his toys.BB wants to do something and PP tells him not to do it.BB is not very happy with this, decides to get back at PP and loudly states ‘Papa, chumma* you are cooking up stories’. PP looks shocked and I start giggling. BB seeing the effect his new vocabulary has on us decides to use the phrase again and again like he is trying very hard to convince his dad not to con him. PP and I are soon laughing our guts out.

PP uses the ‘cooking up stories’ phrase quite frequently in his conversation and our chuppa rustam BB has quietly picked this up.

2.It’s late in the night and we were getting ready to leave after visiting my parents last Sunday. My dad is helping BB put on his shoes and is trying to convince him to stay back.

Muthacha(my dad)- You stay back here today. Let your Amma and Papa go.

BB: No Muthacha, I am going to my house.

Muthacha: But this is also your house.

BB: No no, this is not my house. This is your house.

Muthacha: No, this is not my house. I only stay here. But this is your house.

BB: Muthacha, chumma you are cooking up stories.

Muthacha looks shocked initially and then starts laughing. PP and I the other hand don’t know if we should be shocked, amazed or proud, reprimand him or just laugh it off.

3)I say ‘Oh My God ‘ and ‘Oh Man ‘ when I am surprised and now the copy cat BB does the same.

‘Oh my God, that is the problem. Repair it and then the car will work Papa’ BB says as PP and BB together figure that there are some lose wires in his remote controlled car.

4)If I happen to hear a catchy tune on TV or radio, it stays in my head and I tend to sing/hum the same song for couple of days as I go about my work at home. One day I realized that I was absent-mindedly singing the ‘Shiela ki Jawani’ song. I stopped singing very abruptly when I reached the ‘I am too sexy for you’ line and turned to look at BB. BB gave me a mischievous smile and started humming the song. Luckily he had not picked up the lyrics and BB soon filled in some personalized lyrics. So now father and son go around singing ‘Bua ki friend Vani, I like to drink pani…..’ to the tune of ‘Sheila ki jawani’.

*Chumma-mallu word for simply. Not to be mistaken for the Hindi Chumma.


This is a favourite song in the fruity family household.

BB loves watching this video on youtube and hums along.And he obliges every time his dadi asks him to sing the monkeywala song.

About a year back, when BB  got a glimpse of the animated movie  Cars on TV and  demanded that we get him a McQueen car, we knew that the the guy was already hooked.So we consciously made a decision to not buy him the DVD and get him to watch the whole movie.But the doting father that PP is, he took the little boy McQueen shopping . They went to the local shops around and asked for a Lightning McQueen car. But surprisingly none of the local shopkeepers seemed to have heard about this character.

The little son was disappointed and to make up for this, the creative father decided to make him a McQueen.So they carefully picked up a red racing car from the numerous little cars that BB has, then they cut out the eyes, smiling mouth, the lightening and 95 stickers etc and pasted it on and soon they had a nice little McQueen. BB was so excited with this little arts and crafts exercise that he decided to paste/draw eyes and a mouth for all his favorite cars.

About 3 months back, PP picked up the DVD and since then BB has turned into a full fledged Cars movie fan.The father-son duo can watch this movie again and again and again. And it is left to me to me to be evil, disciplined parent to police them and restrict their Cars movie watching to about once a week. Now the little fellow is in love with not only McQueen, but also Mater, Doc, Sally, Frank(!),Mack, Red, Fillmore(aka Peace van in our little world),Luigi and Guido.

He also has his favourite dialogues. and he says this one perfectly with the accent and all.(the meanie that I am I make him say this when I am feeling low and I perk up and end up laughing every single time)

And look at what the doting father did in the meanwhile. 

Every night, he would carefully chose a toy from BB’s toy basket which closely resembled one of the Cars characters, paint it the right colour with acrylic paints,let it dry and then paint in the eyes, mouth and the other distinguishing features. And BB would wake up to see  a new Cars character toy waiting for him the next morning !

Last week we were in a big mall shopping picking up gifts for a friend’s new born baby and we saw the whole Cars merchandise on display. I got to say that PP’s hand painted ones are much better( and more economical too 🙂 ).

I personally love the Mater and the Fillmore(peace van).

It is way past BB’s bedtime. PP is busy painting and BB is busy admiring his father’s work.

I clear the bed of all the toy cars( BB is currently obsessed with his cars) and neatly park them on the bedside table and the window sill.

I call out to the BB and ask him to quit his admiring and get into bed. No response from the son.

I then ask PP to stop his work as that was the only way to get BB to move and get into bed. No response from the hubby.

I give them a couple of minutes to wind up and in the meantime I clear up some clothes lying around.Then I sit down on the bed and remind them again that it was way past BB’s bedtime.

BB quietly picks up a couple of his toy cars from another table , walks up to me,requests me to go and park the cars with the rest of his cars and then goes back to admiring his father’s work

PP starts laughing as I look shocked.

My little son has already figured that the perfect way to keep a woman quiet is to keep her busy.   😯

I started doing this tag about 2 weeks back  and didn’t publish it. Saw this in the Draft’s today and thought I might as well finish it and publish it. Am probably the last mama in the blogosphere to be doing this.

So as the rules go,I need to put up the badge, write out five lessons that Mommyhood taught me . And tag five mommybloggers.(no point coz I cant think of anybody who has not done this)

  1. Reality check-I had BB after almost 4.5 years of marriage and constant arguments with the hubby. I wanted a kid and he didn’t.Finally PP gave in and my pregnancy days were the best days of my life. After BB was born,I went into a frenzy trying hard to become a perfect mom. I had this misguided perception of myself as the perfect mom who has oodles of patience , love and strength. I guess I had built up this image in my head over the years of yearning for a baby.Motherhood was a reality check for me.As I struggled to cope with the actual realities of having a baby,I lost my patience at various stages. I realized that giving birth to a baby does not automatically turn on a tap which will cause the patience,strength and wisdom to flow when needed. I realized over time that I am no prefect mom.I also learnt that it is Ok to not be a prefect mom.
  2. Letting go of my inhibitions-Before BB was born, I don’t ever remembering singing as I went about my work at home.I don’t think the in-laws even knew that I love dancing . But having a child changed all that.Entertaining a little kid(more so as we hardly let BB watch any TV) also requires some amount of skill.So as the son grew, I slowly let go of my inhibitions.Making funny faces to hear the joyful peals of laughter from the 8 month old son, singing lullabies to get him to sleep, mimicking a lion, dog, sheep,donkey train, plane…. as we introduced him to these new things,singing to calm down the cranky toddler,dancing together on a relaxed Saturday morning to the our favourite party number has changed me as a person. Today I sing as I go about my work, am willing to play cricket and football(albeit clumsily) in the playground with my son and break into a jig without a second thought when I hear the Waka Waka song on TV.
  3. Living in the moment – Be it dealing with a tantrum,smiling proudly as I hear my little son sing Jana Gana Mana,watching him in frustration as he happily spreads out the neatly folder laundry or watching him unhappily as the little fellow cries his heart out on his second day alone in the school van,  I know that this is just  passing moment. The next moment will bring its own share of joys, hair tearing frustration,anger or heartbreak. And I have learnt to deal with each moment and move on.
  4. Learning to appreciate the hubby – For someone who didn’t want a baby, PP is the most adorable and loving father. From a father who refused to pick up and hold his son on the first day to someone who can take care of all of BB’s needs (including the usually mom specific task of bum wash),PP has come a long way.BB shares a special relationship with his father. We do have our little moments of family bonding and mother-son bonding.But all of BB’s waking hours are spent shadowing his father around the house. And I know that this special relationship has grown largely due to PP’s immense patience while dealing with the little one.
  5. Letting go – From being a mother of a 5 month old who cried and cried if he didn’t see me for more than 15 minutes to being the mother of a 2.5 year old who didn’t cry even once and ask for me when I was away in Germany for 2 weeks, I have learnt to deal with letting go.Learnt to accept that even though my life revolves largely around my son’s life, his life does not necessarily revolve around mine.

And so we had the event  on Saturday.

Tulika started the event with a brief introduction to the book and then asked the author(aka PP ) to talk a little about his book.

The limelight-shy hubby if given a choice would have dug his way into the ground and decided to go into hibernation and had to be coaxed into talking. Luckily he had to talk about the one thing that he is most passionate about- trees  and soon he was yapping away.Kids asked him about how he came up with the idea for this book, they talked about the trees/plants that they had planted, their favourite trees etc.The media happy son on the other hand reveled in the limelight that he shared equally( maybe a little  more than equally :-D) with his dad.

We then had a little treasure hunt organized for the kids to make the event more fun and also to increase awareness about some of the common trees that we see around everyday.

We had put up posters of  7 common trees  in nooks and corners of the rambling three storied Mother Earth store.The kids were given  limerick based clues(some commonly known facts about each tree ) and they had to identify and hunt down the tree poster where a volunteer then gave them the clue to the next tree. The treasure hunt saw the kids running up and down the stairs shouting out ‘Where is the Neem tree’? , ‘Where is the Banyan tree’? ( got to admit that the banyan tree was the most difficult one to hunt down). The final clue led them to the Mango Tree. And  what better treasure than some lovely organic mangoes from the Mango tree!

And lastly and most importantly, we had the tree planting activity. PP at this stage completely shook off his shyness and got into the groove of what he loves doing the most- planting. PP  and BB then helped all the kids fill a pot each with soil and plant the Pongamia seeds.

The event made it to the Bangalore Mirror yesterday.

Thank you Art and Abha for spreading the word and for taking time off and making it to the event.

And special Thanks to the Tulika team and the Mother Earth team for doing such a good job of organizing this event at such short notice.

Here are the Treasure Hunt clues. Can you identify the trees? (click on the picture to read the clues)

When BB started school in January this year, we decided to give him time to settle down and not burden him with too many new changes.So we did not bother to send him by the school van. Instead PP dropped him off and picked him every day over the 3 months before he started his summer vacation in April.But now that he seems to have settled down in school, we decided to get him to travel by the school van.

His school reopened on May 27th and I dropped him off at school since it was his first day after a long break. He went to school without a whimper and he didn’t even turn and look at me when I left him at the gate. But I was really apprehensive about his first day in the school van on Monday morning as he is the first one to be picked up and the last one to be dropped off.

On Monday, we managed to get him ready in time for the school van( which is a big deal in itself as the father and son duo used to leave home at around 9 which is when he is supposed to be in school 🙂 ). But he didn’t have an appetite and refused to have his breakfast.So to keep him going, we bought him a tetra juice pack . Sipping his juice, he happily climbed into the van and waved a cheery bye at us as the van moved away. The whole family (papa, mama, bua, dada, dadi and badi dadi ) just stood on the road, shocked  at how comfortable the darling ladla seemed to be going away on his own. The papa and mama left for work and when I called home later in the afternoon,I was told that BB returned in the van without any tears. But he seemed to be in a state of shock about this sudden responsibility of going on his own to school. The driver also mentioned that he was very quiet all through the trip and didn’t kick up a fuss or cry or interact with the other kids.

So we knew that Tuesday morning would bring its share of tantrums. And as predicted, he refused to get into the school van. Finally both PP and I also got in and he calmed down. The driver drove up to the main road and then we discreetly got out. As the school van drove away, we could hear BB crying loudly. PP and I stood there holding hands and I cried a few silent tears as I watched the van drive away. After all which mean mother sends her not-even 3-year-old in a school van all by himself.We slowly walked back home and the guilty mom that I was, I decided to take the day off and stay at home to receive my brave brave baby when he came back from school.Half an hour later we called the driver to check if BB was OK and he informed us that he had stopped crying the minute the van drove away from us. And to think I was playing the guilty mother drama queen role to my best  of my acting abilities.

Today he had his usual tantrum in the morning when getting into the van.But we saw that he had settled down even before the van reached the end of the road.And when I called home later in the afternoon, I got the good news that BB had come home smiling and happy in the school van.

So my almost three old is now not only attending school without any tears, but is also happily travelling on his own in the school van.Hope he makes loads of friend and enjoys his journeys as much as he enjoys his school hours.

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