Isn’t it wonderful how a little greenery can change the look and mood of a place?

This is what our terrace looked like when we moved in about 5 years back.

And this is what our wild terrace garden looks like now.

I was not a garden enthusiast.When we moved into this house, the MIL, SIL and PP who are all garden enthusiasts would try to outdo each other to get the best flowering plants and kitchen garden plants for the little patch of land we have in the backyard and for the terrace garden.But over the years, the interest levels waned and I realized that the terrace garden was beginning to look really sad.

Initially I only took up the job of watering the plants . I didnt even know the plants I was watering for a long time.But this was one chore that I looked forward to very morning.There is a certain joy in watching as a the water from the hose pipe brings life to the just waking up plants every morning , as the sun-baked soil in the pots( specially with the scorching heat of the summers) soaks up the water and  almost breathes a sigh of relief ,as the little earthworms, insects etc come alive after their shower ,as the whole cemented area gets drenched in water.

And soon the love for gardening caught up with me.

PP who planned the garden initially does not believe in any organized planting. So he planted 2-3 plants in every pot.And BB who has been trained by his father also adds to the wild confusion by popping shankupushpam, tulsi seed pods and doddapathre stems into random pots. So now our  garden(if you could still call it one) has about 40 pots with 2-3 plants each and all the plants grow in happy,wild abandon.

Lily Pond

Fresh mint

Lemon grass which we use to make yummy Thai green curry

Red greens(oxymoron?)

Bachale(another type of greens)

Wheatgrass and mint in the same pot

Wind chime we picked up from the Dastakar mela this year

A little flowering plant growing in the crevice

The view of the garden from our room