It is way past BB’s bedtime. PP is busy painting and BB is busy admiring his father’s work.

I clear the bed of all the toy cars( BB is currently obsessed with his cars) and neatly park them on the bedside table and the window sill.

I call out to the BB and ask him to quit his admiring and get into bed. No response from the son.

I then ask PP to stop his work as that was the only way to get BB to move and get into bed. No response from the hubby.

I give them a couple of minutes to wind up and in the meantime I clear up some clothes lying around.Then I sit down on the bed and remind them again that it was way past BB’s bedtime.

BB quietly picks up a couple of his toy cars from another table , walks up to me,requests me to go and park the cars with the rest of his cars and then goes back to admiring his father’s work

PP starts laughing as I look shocked.

My little son has already figured that the perfect way to keep a woman quiet is to keep her busy.   😯