The brother-in-law’s wife gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl on Wednesday.

And so my little baby became a big brother to the little darling.

The brother-in-law and his wife both are in the army and so they are stationed all over the country. They are currently stationed in Meerut. So we are yet to see the little darling.

Since BB is the first grandchild on PP’s side of the family, he is used to a lot of attention and pampering from his chacha and chachi when they visit us twice a year.We have been telling him about his little sister and hope that we don’t have to deal with any sibling rivalry when the visit us later on.

BTW guess who the little girl shares her birthday with? With her  ताई (tai)!  (that’s me, in case you didn’t get the relationship :))

Years age I was not very happy when I realized that I share my birthday with George Bush.

Then about 2 years back , I realized that I also share my birthday with the Dalai Lama.

Quite a bag of contradictions. One man who went around declaring wars during his tenure as the US President as a solution for all the problems in his country. And another man who has been trying to achieve the liberation of his country through peaceful means for  more than 50 years.

And now I also share my birthday with the little darling of the family.

On my birthday, we were not in the mood for an elaborate dinner.So we went to this teafe called Chaipatty instead and had hot kulhad chai, steamed veg momos and noodles. BB totally enjoyed running around and playing with the random knick-knacks placed around the teafe.