And so we had the event  on Saturday.

Tulika started the event with a brief introduction to the book and then asked the author(aka PP ) to talk a little about his book.

The limelight-shy hubby if given a choice would have dug his way into the ground and decided to go into hibernation and had to be coaxed into talking. Luckily he had to talk about the one thing that he is most passionate about- trees  and soon he was yapping away.Kids asked him about how he came up with the idea for this book, they talked about the trees/plants that they had planted, their favourite trees etc.The media happy son on the other hand reveled in the limelight that he shared equally( maybe a little  more than equally :-D) with his dad.

We then had a little treasure hunt organized for the kids to make the event more fun and also to increase awareness about some of the common trees that we see around everyday.

We had put up posters of  7 common trees  in nooks and corners of the rambling three storied Mother Earth store.The kids were given  limerick based clues(some commonly known facts about each tree ) and they had to identify and hunt down the tree poster where a volunteer then gave them the clue to the next tree. The treasure hunt saw the kids running up and down the stairs shouting out ‘Where is the Neem tree’? , ‘Where is the Banyan tree’? ( got to admit that the banyan tree was the most difficult one to hunt down). The final clue led them to the Mango Tree. And  what better treasure than some lovely organic mangoes from the Mango tree!

And lastly and most importantly, we had the tree planting activity. PP at this stage completely shook off his shyness and got into the groove of what he loves doing the most- planting. PP  and BB then helped all the kids fill a pot each with soil and plant the Pongamia seeds.

The event made it to the Bangalore Mirror yesterday.

Thank you Art and Abha for spreading the word and for taking time off and making it to the event.

And special Thanks to the Tulika team and the Mother Earth team for doing such a good job of organizing this event at such short notice.

Here are the Treasure Hunt clues. Can you identify the trees? (click on the picture to read the clues)