When BB started school in January this year, we decided to give him time to settle down and not burden him with too many new changes.So we did not bother to send him by the school van. Instead PP dropped him off and picked him every day over the 3 months before he started his summer vacation in April.But now that he seems to have settled down in school, we decided to get him to travel by the school van.

His school reopened on May 27th and I dropped him off at school since it was his first day after a long break. He went to school without a whimper and he didn’t even turn and look at me when I left him at the gate. But I was really apprehensive about his first day in the school van on Monday morning as he is the first one to be picked up and the last one to be dropped off.

On Monday, we managed to get him ready in time for the school van( which is a big deal in itself as the father and son duo used to leave home at around 9 which is when he is supposed to be in school 🙂 ). But he didn’t have an appetite and refused to have his breakfast.So to keep him going, we bought him a tetra juice pack . Sipping his juice, he happily climbed into the van and waved a cheery bye at us as the van moved away. The whole family (papa, mama, bua, dada, dadi and badi dadi ) just stood on the road, shocked  at how comfortable the darling ladla seemed to be going away on his own. The papa and mama left for work and when I called home later in the afternoon,I was told that BB returned in the van without any tears. But he seemed to be in a state of shock about this sudden responsibility of going on his own to school. The driver also mentioned that he was very quiet all through the trip and didn’t kick up a fuss or cry or interact with the other kids.

So we knew that Tuesday morning would bring its share of tantrums. And as predicted, he refused to get into the school van. Finally both PP and I also got in and he calmed down. The driver drove up to the main road and then we discreetly got out. As the school van drove away, we could hear BB crying loudly. PP and I stood there holding hands and I cried a few silent tears as I watched the van drive away. After all which mean mother sends her not-even 3-year-old in a school van all by himself.We slowly walked back home and the guilty mom that I was, I decided to take the day off and stay at home to receive my brave brave baby when he came back from school.Half an hour later we called the driver to check if BB was OK and he informed us that he had stopped crying the minute the van drove away from us. And to think I was playing the guilty mother drama queen role to my best  of my acting abilities.

Today he had his usual tantrum in the morning when getting into the van.But we saw that he had settled down even before the van reached the end of the road.And when I called home later in the afternoon, I got the good news that BB had come home smiling and happy in the school van.

So my almost three old is now not only attending school without any tears, but is also happily travelling on his own in the school van.Hope he makes loads of friend and enjoys his journeys as much as he enjoys his school hours.