PP has a break from work as his business partner has gone out of town.So the father-son duo decided to make the most of BB’s summer break and are off vacationing on our farm a few kilometers from Sakleshpur. I, on the other hand am stuck in Bangalore as we had a project deadline for Monday and I could not take the day off. I reluctantly let the son go away with his papa knowing that keeping him back would not be fair as we have not taken him anywhere all through his summer holidays.

So we finished the big project yesterday and to celebrate the project close,the team makes plans to go out bowling and for  dinner tonight. I woke up this morning with a slight muscle pull in the neck which aggravated as I went about my morning chores. I took out the bike to go to office,start it and go a few meters ahead,stop and wince at the pain which shoots up my neck every time the bike goes over a little bump on the road. I bravely continue till the end of the road and as I move onto the main road, I realize that riding in heavy traffic with mind numbing pain is not a good idea. And since we are done with the project,there was no need for me to struggle my way to office only to sit through the usual quota of boring meetings. So I retrace my way back home, park the bike and then park myself on the bed for the rest of the day. The past few months have been hectic and stressful  on both the work and personal fronts.Project deadlines , office politics, financial planning for the down-payments and home loans for an apartment that we have booked and the little farm house that we are building, house work,social commitments etc. have taken their toll on me. It was almost like this muscle pull was a God send to get me to just relax.I called in sick, pulled out the book that I have been trying to finish over the past 2 weeks and then just shut the world out. I finished the book, went down for lunch,then logged in and checked a few blogs, typed put this post and am now planning to watch a movie after I log out.

I am missing the son and am waiting for him to get back tomorrow.But I am glad that I had the day off to myself today.