‘Let’s plant trees’ by Vinod Lal Heera Eshwer is a little picture book that was released recently by Tulika books.

‘Let’s plant trees’ has cute  illustrations with simple one liners on the benefits of planting trees.But the book does not stop at sprouting philosophy, but also calls the children to take action by planting the 4 pongamia seeds that come packaged with the book.

The author introduction as provided in the book:

Vinod Lal Heera Eshwer wears many hats: he is an advertising copywriter, garden store entrepreneur, furniture designer and obsessive tree planter. He inherits his love for trees from his mother who he says spent much time during her pregnancy in their company! He is is a trustee of treesforfree.org. Currently, a filmmaker too, this is his first book with Tulika

Some more trivia about Vinod:

Peepul, Banyan,Neem,Honge, Arjuna, Raintree, Akasha Mallige,Copper Pod, Frangipani,Tabebuia,Umbrella tree, Parijatha,Sandalwood, Pride of India, Jacaranda,Flame of the forest, Ashoka, Cassia, Badami, Kadamba, all the  local Indian fruit trees and many many more(I can remember only these many!) Vinod can give  you the local Kannada name and the botanical names of most of the common Indian trees and medicinal plants. Vinod can also tell you ideal conditions for these trees to grow and if their fruits are edible and can support nesting birds etc.

Vinod’s suggestion for gifts for any occasion are the Treesforfree gift vouchers.

For his brother’s wedding, Vinod managed to convince his parents to give away potted Tulsi plants instead of the traditional coconut and betel leaf tambula.

Vinod’s little son has been planting trees with his father since the time he could stand and walk on his own two little feet.

Vinod can probably name all the trees on the way to his office( or any Bangalore road he frequents) even when blindfolded . (ok that’s an exaggeration,but you get the idea of his of passion and obsession with trees)

Vinod loves drawing and illustrating for his little son .So it was but natural that his first published book would be a book about trees for children

So who is this tree crazy Vinod? And how do I know so much about him?

Vinod is the spouse , more commonly known as the Papa Papaya or (PP) on this blog.

You can read what the author himself has to say about his book at http://planttrees.tulikabooks.com/

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