This summer BB has been keeping himself busy with jigsaw puzzles.

When he was about 1.5 years, we bought him a couple of 4 and 6 piece jigsaw puzzles. They were simple ones and he quickly got the hang of it.But we never considered buying him any more new ones.

But my friend R from Germany gifted him a couple of 24 and 36 piece jigsaw puzzles . Both the jigsaw puzzle have  cars, fire engines,helicopters and bikes.In other words, perfect gifts for an almost 3 year old boy crazy about his automobiles.We did the puzzle with him a few times and soon he was doing both the puzzles on his own. We bought him some  ‘Bob the Builder’ puzzles to keep up the interest level. He has been gifted a number of puzzles since then and and now our little boy is completely hooked.

Every time he completes a puzzle, all the members in the household need to drop whatever work they were doing and clap for the little fellow.He basks in the admiration for a couple of minutes, then quickly dismantles the pieces and gets back to putting them together again.

Since he is very familiar with all the puzzles, we mix up the pieces from 3-4 sets and then he assembles all the different sets from the jumbled up pieces.