The aftermath of Holi always brings with it the sight of a few red and pink tinged faces, hands and ears.

The day after Holi I saw many such red faces in office. I was walking towards the lunch counter and from far I saw another couple of red tinged faces. On getting closer, I realized that they were two ‘I am sweltering in the Indian heat’ red faced German colleagues and not the products of a ‘I had the colourful time of my life’ holi celebration.

One of the German colleagues proceeded to the regular lunch counter and bravely and adventurously served himself the Indian food. The other one decided to play safe and ordered a sandwich from the nearby sandwich counter. They both took a table very close to mine and I very discreetly ( and shamelessly)continued staring at them. I have to admit that I was highly impressed with the first German. He was spooning spicy Vangi bath into his mouth at regular intervals and seemed to be handling the spice levels really well. On the other hand, the German who  had ordered a sandwich had not taken into account that even a sandwich in India has a certain minimum spice level. He was bravely chomping away at his sandwich, but every bite was taking a toll on him and his already red ears turned a dangerous shade of crimson.  His cheeks were flushed as the heat of the weather and the heat of the food  slowly acted upon him. I had finished my lunch by then and I had to abandon my shameless staring and leave both the Germans to finish their lunch and then return to the comfort of the AC office to slowly regain their normal colour.