Its  a relaxed Sunday morning. I am in the kitchen chopping veggies for lunch, BB is in the living room  playing with his toys and the FIL is instructing the electrician who has finally made an appearance after a few weeks of playing truant.  I am talking to BB in a mix of English and Malayalam. Suddenly BB enters the kitchen with a toy in his hand.

BB: Amma, kanuna kay kanu.

Me: Doshu koshu Tosh. Kanuna kon kay lishto.

BB: Honu Kon

Me: Kolu Kosh mich tow how lao. tish pish kish. Honu kon kay listhto.

FIL and the electrician are now curious and are listening intently to this conversation.

BB: hanamana

Me: kalu bolu tolu dish. hanama rish pish.

BB( suddenly getting bored with the effort of this  converstaion): Amma dont talk like that

Me: OK baby. Amma will not talk like that.

And we go back to talking in our mix of English and Malayalam.

The previous  few sentences of the conversation remain our secret. A secret to us also as we have no clue what we said to each other.

But it was a moment of a rare mama-son bonding and we both enjoyed it! 😀