My blog completed a year on 23rd Feb.

With a measly 40 posts, this blog hasn’t been all that is was meant to be when I started it. So did I really write about all that I planned to write about when I started blogging?

Have I blogged in detail about my son’s antics or his  profound/cute conversations?

Yes I have , but not so much in detail that I can say that I have captured his childhood through my blog. I write about him when I feel writing about him and there are many cute anecdotes which have not found their way into this blog.

Have I blogged about the wonderful vacations I went on, amazing people I met or the  great experiences that I had this past one year?

I started this blog last year after I made a trip to this little village in the Western Ghats. The simplicity of the life in this village brought up so many thoughts in my head and I started this blog planning to put down these thoughts and see if they made any sense much later. I never managed to put down these profound(!) thoughts. These thoughts stayed in my head and eventually got buried deep down somewhere. I made similar wonderful trips to Coimbatore,  Pondicherry in October last year and another trip to the same little Western Ghats village in January this year. I met some amazing people, had some wonderful experiences and learnt a lot  during these trips. But none of these experiences ever managed to find its way to my blog.

Have I blogged about the thought-provoking books I read/movies I watched?

Other than the one blog post on Nine Lives, I haven’t written about any of the other books/movies.

After having avoided the Harry Potter series for close to 12 years, I finally gave in and  read my first harry Potter book this year ( yes, yes I know its shocking).And I kind of liked it.Then I read the second one and the third one and I was hooked. I had to phase out the next few books as I was spending all my spare time reading at the risk of neglecting my son, husband and the housework. I eventually also picked up the movies too, but somehow the magic of the book never comes through in the movies.But like a true Harry Potter fan,I am now waiting for the second part of the Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows movie to be released in July this year.

So like the Harry Potter books and movies, I managed to read and watch quite a few interesting books and movies, but they still never managed to find a mention in my blog.

Have I blogged about the random little incidences/beautiful things/moments that make life worth living?

Like this, this and this.

But so many more such posts about such beautiful moments in my life just died  a sad death in my head.

So on my blog birthday , I dedicate this post to all the wonderful posts in my head that never saw the light of day. 😀