Last October we were scouting around for Montessori schools for for BB assuming that we will have to start the admission process then to get him started by June 2011 by when he would be almost 3 years old.We visited a school that was highly recommended by PP’s friend as his son goes to this school.We fell in love with the informal atmosphere of the place.We spoke to the Principal and she suggested that BB could join the school in January after he turned 2.5 years old.We were so taken in by everything and we quickly forgot our resolve to wait till he turned 3 years.

BB also seemed very interested with the idea of going to school(though he had no clue what that meant). So BB started Montessori school in the first week of January a few days short of being 30 months old. We had to accompany him for the first week and slowly leave him alone in the school for longer periods as he adjusted to the place.


BB all set for his first day at school

He loved the school for the first couple of days and quickly settled down.But as soon as he realized that we were making ourselves scarce, he would howl his lungs out and demand to be taken home.The school is not so far away from where we stay, but it involves going through some of the worst traffic jams and so he would be so tired by the time he came home and then just fall asleep without his lunch. The second week was a little difficult for all of us and  I wondered why I was putting my little baby through such torture at such a young age. But I knew that I had to just give him some more time.By the third week, he would come back and sing us the little songs that he had learnt in school. And by the fourth week, he was willingly going to school and he seemed to be enjoying the activities he does in school. I have packed away the mommy guilt for now, but still wish that he didn’t have to deal with such terrible traffic jams at such a young age. Sigh!!

And guess what? When I was accompanying him to school during the first week, I saw a little girl who seemed very familiar. When the teacher called out her name, I realized that it was the daughter of one of the bloggers I follow. Small world indeed .

We even attended a Parents teachers meeting at his school last week. The good news is that he has settled in comfortably and seems to be making progress with his activities. The bad news is that he seems to be a little bit of a bully.   😦

We are just hoping that this bullying thing is just a phase . We have been trying to explain to him that all his schoolmates are his friends and that shoving/pushing them is not a good thing. He already seems to have understood that we don’t approve of his behaviour and has told us that he will not bully other kids  again.Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that we will get a much more positive report from the teacher next time.