BB has been introduced to 3 languages-Hindi, Malayalam and English.

PP speaks to him exclusively in English. FIL, MIL and SIL talk to him in Hindi and I speak to him in Malayalam.But the smart dude has slowly figured that knowing English is good enough as it is the common language that we all know. So he has quietly stopped conversing in Hindi and Malayalam and responds to everybody in English. Even when I make it a point to talk to him in Malayalam, his responses are always in English and I have to force him to give me a response in Malayalam. Only his Dadi  (my mother in-law) who is not very conversant with English gets the special treatment and he makes it a point to speak to her in Hindi.

And I have to say that while Hindi and Malayalam are being ignored royally, his grasp on the English language has improved by leaps and bounds.

About 3 months back, PP’s  uncle visited us. He is a very dramatic person and likes to express himself in a similar fashion. So he was trying to convey how BB and his antics have taken over our lives and so he taught BB the famous ‘I came, I saw and I conquered’ line. BB learnt the line and went around parroting it for a few days after the uncle’s visit.

Last week, BB was playing with a balloon. The balloon kept slipping away from his hands and into the air away from his reach.He spent about 5 minutes frantically running after the balloon, trying to catch the knotted portion with his tiny hands.Finally he managed to get a good hold on the balloon and shaking the balloon excitedly in the air, he shouted out ‘ I conquered the balloon’.  PP and I stopped in our tracks, looked at him and then at each other with surprise and then smiled proudly at our little conqueror.

He had not only remembered the slightly complicated word  from about 3 months back, but had also understood the exact meaning of the word in the line and has just used it in the right context.