As a little girl, I loved playing grown up.

I would spend hours together being the perfect lovable teacher who explained complex scientific details  to her imaginary students using chalk and the handy bedroom wall/blackboard. Obviously I was every imaginary student’s favourite teacher and they all behaved like angels in my class and lapped up all the scientific knowledge that I  dispensed out and vowed to become great scientists  when they grew up and remember me as their guiding force in their Nobel physics Prize acceptance speeches.

And I didn’t stop at being the perfect little teacher.I was also the perfect house keeper. As kids, my sister and I shared a bedroom and our twin beds were joined together to make a large king-size bed. This king-size bed served as the home. One half of one cot served as a living room as I arranged the cushions/pillows etc to make the sofas and couches. I would also bring in some flower vases, little photo frames etc from the real living room  to give my living room the cozy, homely feel. The other parts of the bed would similarly be partitioned off into a bedroom  and a kitchen and suitably furnished. I never had a glamorous Barbie doll during my childhood days, but I had the typical eyes shutting, limbs moving blonde haired doll that I loved playing mother to.

And the perfectness continued with a smart little car that I play drove around effortlessly.The double door wardrobe that my sister and I shared doubled up as my little car. I would climb on to the top shelf of the two shelved wardrobe, bang the door shut stylishly  like the heroines and heroes I had seen in the movies and  spent hours together cruising along from place to place (with all the right sound effects of a purring car also added in by me for good effect).Luckily for me, my mom was not very fussy about spick and span wardrobes, else I would have spent an equal amount of time tidying up the effects of the long drive 🙂

Today more than 20 years later , I seem to go along with the flow pretending that my present life is an extension of my childhood games. But every now and  then I stop and reflect on my life  and remind myself that this is not a childhood game of playing grown up.  I AM a GROWN UP now with a full-time job and a mischievous little 2.5 year old son who keeps me on my toes. And  unlike my blonde haired little baby from my childhood,my son refuses to shut his eyes and go to sleep when I need that much-needed break . No angelic students wait for my scientific gyaan everyday at work , instead I deal with cranky colleagues/bosses/customers. My untidy house is far from the neat and tidy twin bed play home of my childhood. And I have had a Driver’s License for almost 10 years, but I can count the number of times I have driven the car so far on my fingers and toes.

At times like this, I wish I could just go back to being my mom and dad’s little girl.And to think all my childhood was spent pretending to be grown up.