BB is an out an out Papa’s boy. He spends his waking hours following the papa around like a shadow( when the papa is at home) .

On a regular day, he has no time for his attention and love starved mama who shadows him around asking for hugs and kisses.Even when the papa and son come to leave me off at the bus-stop everyday, the little fellow happily waves me away with not a care in the world, waiting to get back to admiring his favorite construction equipment  and climbing trees with his papa. Papa on the other hand has hell to deal with when he leaves for work an hour later and has to sneak out furtively.

But papa is out-of-town till the end of this year and  in the absence of his darling papa, BB has suddenly realized that he has another parent too.

So I am basking in the all hugs, kisses and all the attention :D( and also dealing with the guilt when he clings to me and bawls his head out when I leave for work :()

Yesterday he threw a tantrum when I was leaving for work and the dadaji trying to console and reason with his grandson explained to him that mama needed to go to work so that we have the money to buy food, dudu, chocolates and toys for little BB.To put his point across more clearly dadaji asks BB ‘If mama does not go to work, from will she get money to buy you so many things?’  And pat comes the reply ‘Amma take the money machine card, put it in the money machine( ATM machine) and the machine give amma money’.

Yeah son, only if life was that easy!