When we moved into our new house in April 2006, PP hauled a huge concrete pond up to our second floor terrace, obtained Lotus plants from a nearby lake and planted these plants in the concrete pond on our terrace.Unlike its cousin the Lily, the Lotus is not very easy to grow. So to ensure that  their move from their wide spaced natural habitat to the constricting lotus pond did not affect them adversely and to see them through the initial days of their relocation, PP got the lotus plants with large scoops of lake soil and planted the plant with the lake soil in the pond.Within a few months, we had some of the most beautiful lotus flowers blooming right outside our bedroom window.

By September 2006, we had many lotuses blooming at the same time and the terrace garden had a riot of different shades of pink as the newly bloomed bright pink lotuses blended in the with pale pinked lotuses on its way out.By the end of the year, about 20 lotuses must have flowered in out little lotus pond.

PP very religiously collected the seeds of all these lotuses and every time we went past a big enough lake or pond, he would pop a couple of seeds into the water body.So the seeds from our terrace lotus pond has found its way into an almost dried up lake near my parents place in Bangalore, a couple of ponds near my ancestral village in Kerala, a few lakes on the highways in and around Bangalore and when we went on vacation up North, a few seeds also found its way to the Dal lake in McLeodganj.

But 2006 was the last year the lotus flowered in our pond. The lotus plant still thrives and sprouts fresh batches of healthy looking foliage very frequently, but has not flowered since then.PP even replaced the old soil with  fresh soil from the lake,but to no effect.

So imagine our surprise this year when the dried up muddy lake near my parents place filled up with water during the monsoons and suddenly turned into a colorful riot of green and pink.The little seeds that were dropped by PP into this lake years ago had finally taken root, grown into  healthy lotus plants and were flowering!

(Please excuse the quality of the pictures as we didnt have our camera and we just had to capture this joyful sight using the mobile)

A little act was all it took to share the beauty that we enjoyed.