You know that you are a mother of a little boy when you see a yellow loader/digger on the road and almost expect it to wave its shovel and blink his eyes at you.Yes, I have had an overdose of  Bob the Builder.  BB insists of watching his new Bob the Builder CD every night,but he loses interest after 10 minutes and ambles off while I sit watching the complete movie transfixed by the emoting and talking machines. And to think that this is the only movie I have watched(not once but twice) in the past 2 weeks. Need to get a life 😦

The Papa asked the birthday boy ‘Where is the 2-year-old boy’? And the smart little boy promptly pointed at his ears and counted them out  ‘ 1 ear, 2 ear ‘. Wonder if he is going to sprout another ear when he turns 3 😀