From a 3.94 kg new-born who had his mother worried as he howled his lungs out wanting to be fed every 20 minutes. To a skinny little 2 year old who shoos his mom away and complains to his father ‘ Papa, Amma buggy me’ ( Amma is bugging me) as she hovers around with a bowl of food and spoon in hand .

From a little 2 month old baby who refused to give up and fall asleep at 11.30 pm when his mom and dad desperately tried to bore him to sleep by playing soft instrumental music to him. To an energetic little tyke whose bedtime routine still stretches way past an hour and involves endless renditions of ‘ The wheels on the bus’, (or the favorite song at the moment) a couple of stories, innumerable hugs and kisses and still needs to be rocked to sleep.

From a plump little baby who had his impatient mom tearing  her hair off as he leisurely took all of  4 months and 27 days to turn over .To  a little 2-year-old whirlwind who maneuver his little push car around the house very comfortably, plays a mean game of football and runs so fast in the park that mama finds it difficult to keep up with him.

From a little baby who was forced to listen to the slow numbers that his boring ( read non party animals) mom and dad listened to in the car. To the 2-year-old DJ dude who gets into the car and takes control of the music system and ensures that only the dance numbers are played and then does his own little dance  when his favourite numbers come on.

From a little darling 6 month old baby who got upset on being separated from his mom for more than 30 minutes at a stretch To a 2-year-old Civil /Mechanical engineer in the making whose highlight of the day is the sighting of the concrete/cement mixer , crane , tractor or excavator when he accompanies his dad to drop his mom off at the bus stop every morning and cares two hoots for his mama who waves bye as she heads to office.

From a little baby who communicated with coos, gurgles and loud crying. To a 2-year-old who understands and communicates in 3 different languages .

Darling BB, it’s been a hectic 2 years for all of us. There have been very frequent moments (your papa will agree with the word frequent) when I have lost my cool and snapped at you. But I want you to know that these 2 years have been the best years of my life .That you have been worth all the tears I shed for you before you were born. Thanks for bringing a song to my lips (literally).

Happy Second Birthday.