1) Show him pictures of a very pregnant you and tell him that he was in the tummy and watch him as he looks saucer eyed at your present tummy and say ‘Nooooooooo’. Β (meaning ‘Pleeeeeeeease… I came from someplace more interesting than that.Tummies are for gas and funny sounds’. πŸ˜• )

2) Then show him the photos of him as an ugly, wrinkled new-born and explain to him that it is him in the pictures. Watch the ego shatter as he wonders how the good-looking, handsome chap that he is could have been as ugly as that.

3) Play Β a video of him as a 3 month old moving his arms and legs in the air while cooing and making gurgling sounds. The toddler( who considers himself very articulate these days) looks bored as he wonders what’s with the weird sounds and the funny movements.

4) Show him pictures of you holding and fondling him when he was about 5-6 months old and he howls in confusion crying ‘ Amma other baby’. ( meaning Amma is holding another baby)

If people thought sibling rivalry was difficult, please tell me how to deal with a toddler who rivals with himself over his mom’s attention’?