for me is when the very hungry son wolfs down his lunch leaving me enough time to leisurely have a relaxed lunch.Then we both head up to the terrace where we splash around for sometime in the little puddles of clear water left behind by the pre-lunch showers. BB is a little confused because I am usually the strict disciplinarian parent and he does not know what to make of this cool, fun-loving mom, but slowly he comes to term with it and he displays his joy by yelling  everytime he jumps  into a puddle.We follow this up with some reading and lazing around in bed.Finally  BB relents and succumbs to his pending mid afternoon nap while I catch a movie on my laptop.

I was just wondering why such wonderful afternoons are restricted to the weekends. Shouldn’t I be enjoying all my afternoons in the company of  my son instead of spending my whole day sitting through endless, meaningless meetings or staring at a computer screen?

Yes, yes the never ending guilt of a working mother. 😦