Yesterday morning BB woke up at his usual time, lazed around in bed for sometime and refused to get going.After some cuddling , I cajoled him to sit up and get on with his morning activities.So he drank his milk, finished his potty business, submitted to the bum wash and the bath and then tired with all the mothering, set off to do some mothering off his own.

He walked up to the Buddha mentioned in this post (who was sitting in his dignified pose under the tree lamp) and decided that the poor soul needed a break from all that sitting.So he picked up the Buddha and lay him down and  patted him saying ‘Buddha sleep’. Then he decided that the side table was not comfortable enough and lay the statue down on the floor saying ‘Buddha sleep down’. ( this summer BB discovered the joy of lying down on the bare cool floor ). A couple of minutes later the Buddha was woken up rudely from his deep slumber with a milk sipper shoved into his face  ‘Buddha Up Up.Buddha ungry.Buddha drink dudu’. Now that the sleeping and drinking milk business was dealt with, BB decided to proceed with the next activity. He almost plonked the Buddha into his potty,but  luckily I caught him in time and rescued the noble Buddha from the embarrassment of finding himself seated inside a little boy’s potty. I explained to BB that the Buddha could complete his business just by hovering over the potty seat. BB agreed and after waiting for a couple of moments proceeded to play act the bum washing. By then it was time for me to leave to work , so he had to abandon his noble child and go back to being my little son.

And that’s how BB celebrated Buddha Poornima. 😀