There is an orphaned street puppy outside our house and we have been feeding it milk and rice regularly over the past week. BB loves pouring out the milk and rice  into the pup’s bowl and watches as the puppy hesitantly walks up to the bowl and then quickly laps up the milk.

Last night I was feeding BB his dinner of rasam rice. And a typical South Indian dude that he is, he loves slurping his rasam directly from the plate. I was helping him slurp his rasam when he ordered me to keep the plate down. Thinking that he wanted to eat his rasam rice in a civilized manner with a spoon and wondering what had brought about this sudden dining etiquette consciousness, I lowered the plate and was about to feed him with the spoon, when the little fellow brought his head down and proceeded to lap up his rasam rice in true puppy style.

And here I was thinking that my little 22 month old son was getting ready to impress me with his good table manners !