I am an environmental engineer by qualification. And if that was not enough I am married to the eco fanatical PP. So effectively I have no excuses for not being environmentally conscious. But I sometimes get a little lax and stop making that little extra effort to  incorporate a new green habit into my life . So it helps to get a wake up call every now and this tag from Chinkurli was just that.

1. If you’re tagged, you have to mention three resolutions you’ll take to save our depleting resources/energy.
2. Tag three more people and let them know.
3. Mention the rules in your post.

So my three resolutions are:

1. Carry a handkerchief . Everyday I waste about 2-3 tissues just to dry my hands after washing them at work. I know a clean handkerchief will serve the purpose just fine. But being the absent minded me, I forget to pop a handkerchief into my handbag. Just seeing all that paper in the waste paper bin everyday is such a turn off.

2. Carry a water bottle. As already mentioned here, I tend to forget to carry my own water bottle on long drives and we sometimes end up buying water bottles.After watching that video, it would be a crime to continue to do so. Since I anyway carry BB’s water sipper everytime we step out, it should not be too difficult to fill a bottle for us too.

3. PP is an active volunteer with this tree planting organization Trees for Free in Bangalore. I am a passive volunteer and participate only when the mood sets in. But I am going to make that little extra effort to contribute both time and money towards a greener Bangalore.

Some of the things that we already follow are:

Carry a cloth bag when we go shopping ( PP avoids the plastic bags like the plague for these reasons) ,use the washing machine only when we have a full load(I wash BB’s clothes by hand as they need to be washed on a regular basis ),reuse BB’s bath water and the grey water from the hand washed laundry to wash the bathroom or terrace, avoid unnecessary printouts , car pool with my colleague ( OK honestly I car pool because I hate driving and not with the good intention of saving fuel,but it still serves the purpose, right ? 🙂 ), switch off unnecessary lights, fans and appliance that are not being used, use a fuel efficient car and compost our organic waste instead of dumping it in the trash.

On the same note, have you read this ? The irony of this is that PP had mentioned this in passing sometime back and I had to google this for more details. 😀

Following rule 2, I tag ChoxboxRichajn and Muchkin’s Mom.And since the focus is also on spreading the word, feel free to take up this tag or note down some of your resolutions in the comments sections.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Native American Proverb

So the least we can do is make some simple lifestyle changes to salvage the earth before we return it to our children.

Edited to add: Forgot to mention the highly toxic dry cell batteries that we try and avoid. With a toddler at home and the consequent battery operated toys that he owns, PP and I were shocked at the number of batteries that we were using up. So sometime back, we bought some rechargeable batteries and shuffle these same reusable batteries among his toys. So BB does not get to play with all his battery operated toys at the same time, but I think thats no big deal.

Bangaloreans can also use the collection receptacles set up by the  NGO Saahas to safely dispose your e-waste