This week was a nightmare come true for us.
We  moved into this house  in 2006 and since then we have been running from pillar to post, paying all the required bills and getting all the required documents to get a legal , regular water connection in place. But for some reason, nobody seems to be interested in providing a water connection to the locality we live in. Finally sometime last year, we were provided a temporary connection which we share with 2 of our neighbours. But with the water playing truant on most days, we  could hardly depend on this connection for our day to day water requirements. So all through these years we have been reluctantly forced to call on  private water suppliers to take care of our water needs.
This  Monday morning , we called our regular private supplier and asked them to deliver a tanker of water. But there was no sign of the tanker even at the end of the day. Repeated calls to the supplier didn’t yield any results and we managed to get through Monday and Tuesday by  rationing the very limited water stored (for such emergencies) in a a drum. By Tuesday evening we were running out of this water also and after desperate, repeated calls to our regular private supplier and to other private suppliers in the area, we figured that the common borewell  used as a water source by all the private suppliers had some problem and no supplier in the locality could supply water to us.
Tuesday afternoon and evening brought with it some showers to Bangalore and this turned into a big blessing for us as we have installed rain water harvesting. 🙂
The rain gods continued to smile down on us and Wednesday brought with it more intense showers.All this stored rain water saw us through 2 days for only on Friday did our  private supplier deliver a tanker full of water.
I have always thought of Lord Indra as a proud and haughty God and he certainly never featured in my List of favourite  Gods.
But after this incident, I think I he is my favouritest ( I know I know there is no such word, but you know what I mean , don’t you ? ;)).