Bangalore traffic being Bangalore traffic, driving anywhere within the city limits invariably results in long waits at traffic signals.Usually at such traffic signals, I roll down the window and BB has a good time waving and calling out to all the unkuns and onties in the cars , buses or on the motorbikes parked adjacent to us.Most of the unkuns and onties smile and wave back at our friendly little fellow and we sometimes continue the game even at the next traffic signal.

Last Saturday we were driving to my sister’s place and  as expected , we were  stuck at a traffic signal. As  I rolled down the window for little BB  I noticed a young guy on a bike who had stopped right beside us. BB excitedly looked out , saw the bike and starting calling out ” Unkun, unkun ” all the time smiling at the young guy. Since he didn’t get the expected response from his new found unkun , he turned to me  with a questioning look .I looked out, a little annoyed and wondering why the chap wasn’t responding to a little boy’s friendly overtures. After all if was a relaxed Saturday evening, other people around seemed pretty chilled out and were not honking  and getting on each other’s nerves in an attempt to reach office/ meetings on time.But I noticed that  this young chap was looking straight ahead , had a preoccupied look on his face and wasn’t even aware that there was a little boy trying to catch his attention. I found this a little strange.Then something about his bike caught my attention. I stretched and looked at the back of his bike and that explained his preoccupied look.

He was a Dominoes Pizza delivery boy!

Saturday nights are probably one of the most hectic times for pizza joints and the poor soul was probably wondering if he would make it in time to his destination before the 30 minutes delivery time lapsed.Weekends for office workers like us did not obviously mean weekends for everybody else in the city. 🙂

I smiled understandingly as the traffic light turned green and he zipped away before PP had even started our car.