When my niece was about a year old, I remember being very amused as I watched my elder sister clap, stomp and shout in tune to a video version of  ‘When you are happy and you know it’ all the while trying to get her daughter to join along.The niece on the other hand also seemed very amused by the antics of her mother and seemed to prefer watching the performance rather than join in.Almost 10 years later, it’s probably my sister’s chance to be amused at all that we do to entertain his little highness BB.

I was never a great singer and with the exception of the occasional group song on stage where louder vociferous voices drowned my little squeaky voice, I have not attempted to torture people with my singing skills ( or lack of it ).But for some reason when I was pregnant with little BB, I turned into a bathroom singer.I guess the joy of knowing that a little being was growing within me released me from my inhibitions and I sang all the old Hindi songs I knew as I bathed myself. Soon after the BB was born, I realized that he was the kind who did not believe in wasting time in napping during the day. So all that natural urge to turn into a bathroom singer during my pregnancy days was just nature’s way of preparing me for the days ahead. I diligently looked up lullabies s on the net and crooned  for  hours  as I rocked my little son to sleep. I went back to working full-time when BB was about 8 months old and the MIL   and the SIL who are his caretakers in my absence realized quickly that the only way to get the little fellow to sleep was by singing to him.Not being tech savvy enough to download lullaby lyrics from the net , MIL reluctantly resorted to singing bhajans to lull the brat to sleep.

Little BB grew up and was  soon sitting, standing and walking. Now he also needed to be  entertained during his waking hours. PP and I were  soon singing and enacting all the rhymes,barking like a dog, mooing like a cow, bleating like a sheep, mewing like a cat, roaring like a tiger, rumbling like a bus, chugging like a train, flying like a plane , dancing to his favourite dance numbers and so on . The SIL who is his playmate all through the day  was also under immense pressure to perform.  And slowly the shy SIL who would probably dance in public only at gunpoint was soon teaching the brat her own dance steps  namely ‘ the peacock dance’, ‘ the butterfly dance’  and ‘the martian dance’. The FIL, the BIL and the co-sister who are party animals on the other hand have only been too happy to swing a leg with little BB every now and then.

Now at 20 months little BB has directed his attention to the wonderful world of books, pencils, pens and crayons. SIL and PP are the artistes in the family with PP being very good at sketching and SIL very good at painting. Both of them actively followed their artistic passions till about 3-4 years back. But their professions soon took over leaving them little time for their artistic skills. Little BB soon changed all that. His constant demands for sketches of car, auto, tractor, concrete mixer and the occasional aana ( elephant), flowers, grapes, apple, his favourite pooh bear etc have ensured that not only the artistes in the house, but also novices like me have been brushing up on my drawing and sketching skills. My tractors are not as perfect as the artiste PPs, but my little son loves them just fine.

Singing, dancing, mimicry, sketching – our little brat has sure drawn out the family’s hidden  talents.

In all, I  just love how having a little baby at home helps us rid our inhibitions and how the laughter is more free flowing.