When you have known someone for 13 years and have been married to the same someone for 6 years, it is kind of easy to predict the reactions of that someone.

Scene 1

Some background to the scene– PP has a really, really, really basic mobile phone( the most outstanding feature of the phone is that it has an inbuilt torch!).He has had the same basic model for donkey’s years and he is adamant that the phone more than takes care of his mobile needs. I personally think that he needs to upgrade to a better model.

PP to me: hey di, R( his boss) has an iPhone and I really like the sleek  look. But for some personal reasons R does not want to keep it  and so he insists that I should buy it from him.Lately I have realized that I need it to check official mails on the go. So I think I will buy it from him.

Shocked, I look up from my book and am all set to attack with my well-known sarcasm, but I am not fast enough.

PP ( with a right amount of sarcasm and mimicking my style of speaking to a T )- Yeah sure, the boss is always right.When I insist that you need a new phone, it does not make sense. Only when R wants to get rid of his unnecessary stuff  do you realize that you need a phone to check your official mails on the go.

Scene 2

BB and PP are sitting on the bed drawing the favourite taktoos  and conmixes ( tractors and concrete mixers when translated from BB Speak) . I walk into the room to see BB happily using his felt pens to scribble on the light coloured bedspread and PP looking on with admiration, pride and love at the handiwork of his darling son.They both look up and see me and before I can open my mouth and react to the scene in front of me, the copycat PP gets into action.

PP (again mimicking me with a perfect mixture of annoyance and amusement in his tone) – OMG! what is this work of art on my bedspread ? BB, havent I told you that you should only write in your book. And da, why have you given him those sketch pens. Why cant you just give him a pencil?  How would it affect you anywys? I am the one who has to scrub the bedsheets, not you.

Scene 3

Background to the scene- PP is a volunteer for a social organization and sometimes his volunteering work eats up into our weekend time together. He is also a Vipassana meditator. I like a little prior notice if he plans to spend the weekend volunteering or meditating in the local center as I can then make sure that I don’t have any other family activities planned for that day.

PP has very sweetly bought me some gifts from a shop that I love visiting, but havent had the time to visit in a long time. I accept these gifts with a questioning look and yes before I can react, he goes into the mimicking act again

PP (in  a suspicious and amused tone) – Gifts for me ! How come ? You just want some time off  this weekend and so you are trying to flatter me with gifts so that I don’t get upset.

As is very obvious from the above scenes, most of the conversations these days are one sided with PP saying something and then responding to himself on my behalf. So I was just wondering if I need to do something about my predictability and surprise PP with some completely new reactions.

But on the other hand, since PP seems to be doing such a good job of acting out my role too, I think I will just sit back and enjoy the scenes.

My life just got easier. 🙂