Last week PP was away for a couple of days and unlike last time, this time around I decided to enjoy the ME time.So one night after putting BB to bed and completing my chores for the night, I stepped out onto the terrace garden and settled down on the little stone bench in the corner.

The night air was relatively cool and the mild summer breeze brought with it wafts of fragrance from the jasmine blossoms on the creeper that had climbed up to our floor. The neighborhood had more or less gone to bed and the silence of the night was only interrupted by an occasional revving up of a truck engine in the far distance.Thoughts of the never ending to-do lists, work related deadlines, list of morning chores, financial plans and the other small constantly niggling thoughts slowly faded away and the mind relaxed.I sat there for sometime looking up at the stars in the sky, drinking in the beauty of the night and appreciating the wonderful silence; completely living in the moment.

Then a thought  struck me; I need to capture the beauty of this moment in words so that I can read it and relive it later. My previously relaxed mind went into overdrive, searching for apt words to describe the beauty of the night and the calmness and tranquility of living in the moment.

And with that, my ‘Living in the moment’ moment stepped away from me, waved a cheeky goodbye, jumped down to the road below and vanished into the darkness of the night.