Little BB is currently obsessed with tractors,  loaders, excavators and all earth moving equipment(or JCBs).

Due to the under construction Namma Metro and also the other minor construction activities going on around our house, BB gets to see tractors dumping sand, loaders moving the sand around or piling it up ,excavators digging up the earth etc.When pointing them out these equipment to the little fellow,to simplify our lives ( and also due to lack of knowledge, I admit :-)), all of these equipment have been very generically termed as tractors by us .The most frequently sighted equipment ( and as a result BB’s favourite) is the sand tractor( or the loader in more technical terms) which piles up the sand. The little fellow is so fascinated with this tractor and can spend hours together watching the bucket move up and down as it  scoops up the sand and piles it up.

Last weekend, BB was very restless and did not want to settle down for his afternoon nap.So to calm him down, I put him on my lap and started narrating the story of the Cinema Monkey ( made up on the spur of the moment completely inspired by the Cinema Monkey from the book  ‘Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard’ by Kiran Desai which I was reading that weekend).He was taken in by all the actions and dramatics involved and seemed to be engrossed in the story and calmed down.After about 10 minutes of detailing how the aunties and didis were being terrorized by the Monkey, I asked him how the aunties cry out for help expecting him to say something to the effect of  ‘hep monkey ‘.

With a glazed, faraway  look in his eyes, the little fellow answers  ‘Takkto. Up , down. Up, down. Up , down.’ accompanied by the required actions! ( Takkto- tractor in BB speak)

What is with these little boys and their fascination for the big toys?