Start my own blog I mean.

This has been the question running through my mind over that past couple of months

I am a known blog addict and I spend hours together religiously following other’s blogs.

I considered starting a blog  a couple of times, but always found  excuses like ‘Do I really have something different and new to blog about?’ to  cover up my inertia and lethargy.

When my son was born about 1.5 years back, it did occur to me that like all the mommy bloggers I follow, a blog would be a fine way of capturing all the wonderful and  sweet memories of my son’s infant hood.But then I was not comfortable with the idea of sharing too much information on a public blog and so it seemed to beat the whole purpose of becoming a mommy blogger.

But recently, things have been a little slow at work and there are days when I sit and compose blog posts in my head.

The only problem is that I still don’t have a blog to pen down(or type down in this case) all these random blog posts that have been accumulating in my head.

So finally I decided to remedy this and after a lot of checking all the available user names and blog names, I am all set to journey into the blogging world.

Lets see how long I manage to stay on.